Looking for well written content, look no further.  Take a look at these testimonials and drop me an email at lesley at lesley dot uk dot com.

“Lesley provides an excellent service and my site’s Google ranking has soared as a result. The quality of her research is first-rate even with the most difficult of subjects and I can be confident her articles will be accepted by the top directories. She also provides an extremely high  level of customer service so you’re never left wondering how long you will have to wait for delivery”

Stephen Rowell

Lesley wrote five articles for a client of ours. The articles are professionally written, and it is obvious that time was put into the research. The client is very happy with them as well. On top of their quality, they were also delivered on the date promised. One article was submitted to ezinearticles.com and was approved within a few days. We will definitely be using Lesley’s services again for other projects.

Andrea Fiumano

Lesley Ogilvie Rice is a little bit of heaven here on earth. She and her team at WebCopy are not merely service providers to whom I outsource my copywriting; they are valued advisors and strategic partners in the branding and development of my business. From the outset of our relationship, Lesley distinguished herself not only through her writing skills, but through her attentive listening and active questioning. These critical talents
enabled her to “tease out” the essence of what I was trying to accomplish and to put my goals in the context of my industry. But she didn’t stop there. Through extensive, self-initiated research, Lesley investigated my leading competitors and the demographic profiles of my primary customer segments. Then, with the skill of a top-notch military strategist, Lesley formulated ideas and flushed out actionable concepts that we can
develop and take to the battlefield of Internet marketing.

In 1839, Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” He had no idea how formidable it would become in the hands of Lesley Rice. She and her WebCopy team seem to draw from a fountain of inspiration and creativity that results in beautifully written, yet powerful and targeted content. In an e-book that she is currently developing for me, Lesley found the perfect balance between my customers’ needs and
the solutions that my business delivers. Her knack for persuasion, positioning, and compelling messaging are uncanny and her work is sure to strike fear in minds of even
the staunchest opposition.

Although the WebCopy team is a competitive force to be respected, Lesley, herself, is both amiable and collaborative. From initial inquiry through execution and on to evaluation of the results, Lesley has been professional, responsive and delightful to work with. I cannot imagine achieving an equivalent level of success without Lesley Rice and WebCopy at my side. I thank my lucky stars that I found Lesley before my competitors
discovered her!

Linda J. Walter
Area Rugs and Runners

“Lesley is one of the best articles writers out there. I have tried the whole of India and the Philippines for creating content but best quality to the $ Lesley is the absolute best. My first stop for my content month in and month out. I also know several others who are very very happy with her work also!!!”

Brendan Will


“I’ve used this service for nearly a year now to supplement my article marketing.  With three different websites, I had a need for a diverse variety of articles and Copywriting with a Certain Style has always provided article content with exceptional quality.  They’re not just writers.  They understand internet marketing and tailor their articles for maximum SEO impact.
With Lesley’s team, I was able to provide as much or as little input as I desired.  Sometimes I was just too busy to provide guidance, so the folks at Copywriting with a Certain Style did the research and produced articles that were top notch and targeted for my niche.  I can’t imagine their 10 articles for $100 promotion will last long, but it is definitely a smart investment while it lasts.”
Rob Mabry

“Lesley has been exclusively writing all of my articles for several months now. As a published author, Lesley demonstrates a skill and originality rarely seen in web articles and I suspect this is why my articles are published right off article distribution sites such as ezinearticles and appear on blogs all over the web with the all important backlinks in place. She is enthusiasm personified and has become a vital if not the vital component of my article marketing success”

The Fly Fifer

After some not-so-impressive articles that I had written for me, I was really “wowed” when I read the articles Lesley wrote for me. She has a beautiful writing style and it’s obvious that she makes sure she knows her subject very well before attempting to write. Her articles draw the reader in from the very start. This will always be my favorite place to come for quality articles that give my readers interesting and informational content.”

Deborah Leaverton

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the great writing you did for me in my puppy training ebook, and that you actually took the time to try out the methods used in the book.  There is no better research than the act of trying it for yourself to see if it works or not.

I’m also working on implementing some of the other puppy related material that you wrote into my website.  I’ll let you know when the site and e-book are ready to launch.

Your writing  is so personable, and flows like a silk river.  I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects, and I have recommended you to my online marketing friends.

Thanks again Lesley!


“Lesley has provided us with nothing but the highest quality work with well researched and written blog posts and press releases. By having a dependable writer like Lesley available, we have been able to focus on other aspects of our business while she produces fresh high quality content for our blog and press releases for new product launches.”



I hired Lesley to write 10 articles for me. Not only did she produce fantastic articles with very little input from me, I was amazed at the quality and quantity of research she had put into them. I actually learned some new things about my own products due to the in-depth research she had done for these articles!
The articles are extremely well written with excellent grammar and perfect spelling. They required little-to-no editing on my part and included abstracts/summaries. All 10 were completed in less than a week and contained only original content. I could never have written 10 such high-quality articles in less than a week on my own.

Lesley’s prices are extremely reasonable as well. At such low prices and high quality, hiring Lesley was a wise business decision.
I’ve recommended Lesley’s services to many people and will continue to do so in the future.

Barb Pattison


As a start-up ecommerce company I didn’t really understand why my site was getting such poor results with my original article writers. Lesley took the time to explain to me what mistakes I was making and how I could get better results for my marketing dollar.

Not only did Lesley personally walk me through the process but I was surprised by her speed and quality.  As my request involved technical writing I expected it might take her a few weeks to become familiar with the subject matter, to my surprise I received high quality articles within a few days. She is now the only writer I trust to represent my business.

Jeff Harkins



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