Seasonal articles are, in some areas of the web, regarded as a joke. Fine. All I can tell you is that mine have been successful, so my advice is this. Let the others go evergreen.

. So, what sort of seasonal article could you write in the later part of this year? Here are some suggestions.

Top Five Predictions for 2017

Predictions articles are remarkably easy to write. You look to see what people predicted for the current year – what came true? Next year will be more of the same. Come up with four predictions on that basis, and add one of your own, specific to your own industry. Predictions don’t have to say the world will end (we have enough of those in 2012) you can simply say ‘the market for XYX will continue to grow’  If you can’t think of a lot to say about the predictions, just write more of them.

Predictions articles look forward; it’s usually easier to write the articles that look back. You’ll need to write ‘2016, the year in review‘ which is kind of boring, but one article or post which might prove useful is a Thanksgiving article, write about 5, 7 or 10 ‘Things to Give Thanks for in 2016‘. With the current state of the economy, if you have work, income and a roof over your head, you have lots to be thankful for. You can develop a Thanksgiving article for publication in November and then extend/rewrite it for the end of the year, as ‘Favorite things about 2016’.

This is also a great time for cooks – recipes and hints and tips for easy entertaining will be in demand, as will ideas for decorations.  As always, address your article to the readers pain, most want to save money, effort or time, and quite often all three.  The first paragraph of the article should spell out what the readers is going to learn from reading your article, an why it will be useful. Be clear about who the article is for, and why, for example,

‘Your first Thanksgiving as a Mom can be difficult. Either you have to travel with your new baby, or you have to look after the baby while organizing a family celebration. If the first seems difficult, the second choice can be frightening. Fortunately long distance travel with a baby can be trouble free, as long as you are properly prepared.

Ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas (Holiday) centrepieces also make great posts for this time of year along with ideas for celebration tablescapes of all kinds. Articles on fall and winter seasonal decorating will be of general interest, but why not target those who are selling their homes? Tasteful seasonal decorations can go a long way towards making a home seem appealing and now could be the perfect time to use the spur of  NANOWRIMO to create your own compelling content.

Why should I buy from you and not someone else? The answer should be because what I get from you is better, you go further, your provide more. Bonus content could be the perfect thing to tip the scales in your favor. Create something seasonal and add it as a free gift to your customers for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or just because of reasons! You’ll find it gives a great boost to your sales. Repeat the process for Spring and for Summer and you may find you have something substantial enough to sell.

Why bother? Because of what I call the author effect.

I worked for years as an IT consultant, but when I published my first book,  things changed. The interview process was entirely different, people came to me, not the other way around, and yes, the fees I could charge increased. Don’t underestimate the power of the author effect, it makes a difference.

So, what are you writing for this time of year?

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