English: Blue rose.

English: Blue rose. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sapphire‘s Curse. You, or your protagonist, have just acquired a legendary gemstone with an associated curse.  How did you get it? What will you do with it? Write the story!

The Necklace. You inherit the home of your Great Great Aunt. In the house there is a portrait of her wearing a fabulous necklace. Her will seems to say the gems have been hidden, but she has left clues so you, and only you can find them. What happens?

Blue. Write a story about the color blue. You can do anything with this, write a story where the color blue is important, or be more abstract, turn the color blue into a character. What sort of world does a color live in? Let your imagination go!

The Blue Rose. You, or your protagonist, have succeeded in breeding a genuine, blue rose. Write one of

  1. The story of the rose’s creation.
  2. The story of how you traveled to a lost valley to find it.
  3. The story of how you stole the research from someone else and why
  4. Your journal, explaining why you are now destroying the rose.

My Grandchildren. Imagine your own grandchildren. What will their childhood be like? Write an imaginary meeting between you, aged 70 and your grandchildren.

The Blue Robe. An amazing blue robe has been discovered with magical powers. What can it do? Write about the robe and how people use it.

The storm struck us the night before we were due to gather the harvest. Write about what happened.

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