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Creative writing prompts for high school students should not be difficult to find, they are all around us, but somehow, when it comes to putting pen to paper, whether you’re a student or a teacher it’s just not so easy. It has to be something that will capture the imagination and let it flow free, otherwise it’s a writing prompt, but not a very creative one.

This article is an index of various others, choose the sort of prompt you’re looking for, go to that page and you’ll be able to download the prompts as a pdf file.

Creative Writing Prompts For January

Here you’ll find prompts of all kinds, beginning with the traditional ‘What I did over the Christmas Break’  to the more fanciful ‘what if’ ideas, what if Father Christmas was an alien? Exercises on starting and keeping a journal, personal or of a fictional character, and stories based on New Years resolutions.

Writing Prompts for February

This months prompts include a number of science fiction ideas inspired by the USA’s President’s Day, and a ‘what if’ around leap day and a couple of ‘oscar’ inspired ideas.

Creative Writing Ideas for March

This months prompts are rather more down to Earth. There a couple of mathematically inspired prompts inspired by pi day (March 14th) and more around the theme of Spring.

Writers Prompts for April

Inspired by the April Fool’s day a number of this months prompts are designed to produce humorous writing. April 21st is Conch Republic Day in Key West, Florida, so there are a number of ‘what if’ alternate history ideas and a couple about taxation.

Fiction writing prompts for May

Many of this months prompts are based around music, though some are designed to celebrate Towel Day, May 25th, the birthday of author Douglas Adams.  Do your students know where their towels are?

Writing Ideas for June

Lots and lots of writing prompts inspired by Shakespeare, beginning, of course, with a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, looking at how Shakespeare’s themes and characters could be updated or moved to a different setting, and of course several about Summer vacations.

Ideas and Prompts for Writing in July.

July is usually all about heat, and the July birthstone is the ruby, so this month most of the prompts are based around ideas of heat and the color red.

Prompts for Writers in August

Named for the Emperor Augustus, many of this month’s prompts are historically based. Can you take a simple situation from the present day and set it in a an earlier time? If so, how would it change? Would the characters be different? Lots of stuff to explore here from changes in technology to women’s rights.

Fiction Writing Prompts for September.

This months prompts are all about harvest, the color blue, precious gems and grandparents.

Creative Ideas for October.

Not surprisingly many of this months prompts are for ghost stories, in honor of Halloween, but we’ve also a number of prompts based on the number 10 and the color yellow.

Creative Writing Ideas for November

Loads of ‘what if’ prompts this month, from ‘what if you could have anything you want’  to stories about priorities and how to set them.

Creative Writing Prompts for December

Most of our writing prompts are about nature or examine natural cycles and the idea of goodwill.

Looking for more writing prompts? We have lots!



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