"Zombie fingers" cookies. Halloween ...

“Zombie fingers” cookies. Halloween party, New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stuck for something to write about? When it comes to fiction, sometimes the initial idea is the hardest thing of all. Here are some suggestions, aimed at high school level, all themed around the month of October.

What If. What if everyone had six fingers on each hand instead of five. Would the world be different? Would we still count in tens? Imagine a world that’s different from ours and write about it.

Yellow. Choose three things that are colored yellow, and write a story involving all of them.

The Pirate’s Ghost. Write a ghost story about a pirate, the color yellow and the number 10.

The Halloween Party. Write a story about a halloween party that goes wrong, or right, depending on your point of view. 

The Zombie’s Diary.  Your protagonist is a zombie. Write about a day in his or her life.

A Scary story. Write a really scary story about something you can see in the room right now.

Spoof. There are many spoof horror stories around at Halloween, often because there are so many horror cliches. Pick as many as you can from this list, put them all together in a story designed to make people laugh.

  • Creepy kids
  • Old Victorian Houses
  • Cars that won’t start
  • Best friends who insist on going off on their own.
  • Cop’s who are about to retire
  • Dead first wives
  • A scientist who wants to ‘study’ the monster instead of killing it.
  • A female Ph.D. who looks like a supermodel.
  • Teenagers who don’t take advice not to go where they are going.
  • Characters who could just leave, but for some reason stay around to kill the bad guy instead of getting help.
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