Long, long ago, I wanted to become a writer, but instead I studied Law, and, being me, went in an unexpected direction. I joined the UK’s Ministry of Defence where they trained me in IT.

Years later, with two children, a husband and a business of my own, I found myself consulting a lawyer. Not a divorce lawyer. Our interest was immigration.

As a student my husband visited the USA and was smitten. In my first job as an IT consultant I was send to the USA to install software. We had visited the USA  many times since, and over the years became determined to make the big move across the pond. I never thought it would lead me to become a writer. Why would I. We had something else in mind entirely.

Would we have moved to the USA if we’d seen the economic crash coming? Somehow, I doubt it, but we didn’t. We applied for a visa, packed up the house, and waited.

After many months we got approval from the US and had to travel to London for an interview at the American Embassy. It seemed strange to see Embassy guards with machine guns on the streets of London, security was tight, understandably so. When they discovered I had a pen (an expensive pen) which included a nail file, I had no choice but to throw it away, or miss our appointment. I’d only had it for a couple of months, and hadn’t realized it was a potential weapon!

All went well and  just about the point where the pound dollar exchange rate took a nose-dive, I arrived in the USA with far far less money than I’d had only a month before.  I’d set out with more than enough to rent a house, buy furniture etc., but arrived with an economic crisis in full swing, no US credit rating, and significantly less cash. The struggle began.

Twelve months later, our particular American Dream was more like an American nightmare. We spent what little capital we had left on a one day webinar by Chris Malta,  and joined his ecommerce forum. While I was learning the forum ropes, I found that most people (including me) had the same problem.  They all had to write content, whether for their blog, their store or as articles for article marketing. Content, I was told, was king. I’d written books and countless articles in my days in the IT business, so one day, I offered to help; it was time to become a writer.

This blog is all about what I did, what I learned and what I’m still learning. If you want to read about writing, you’ve come to the right place!

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