Writing Seasonal Content

Are you ready for Christmas?
What do you mean, ‘No’?

OK, I’m kind of joking, but there are good reasons to write seasonal content, and since you almost certainly get fed up with routine writing, why not mix things up a little? Get started on your writing for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. A change, so they say, is as good as a rest, so learn to write good seasonal content for yourself and/or your clients.

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The Proof Readers Poem

I don’t usually ‘do’ poetry. It’s not really my thing, however a friend posted a poem on my facebook page and I remembered that back in the distant past (2012 I think) I wrote this tongue in cheek set of guidelines for proof readers.

With apologies to serious poets everywhere!

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How to Write With a Co-Author

Writing with a co-author isn’t easy, but it can be fun as I found out when writing a book with my talented son. He’s had all the formal training, I’ve had the practical experience, so we thought we’d give it a try. Here are some of the things we learned from the experience.

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Tools for Writers

Any job is easier when you have the right tools, but what do you actually need in order to work as a writer? Here’s a look a the tools I use every day. What they are, and how and why I use them.

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Passive and Active Voice: Why Most People Suck at Writing Articles

Some people don’t write because they think they can’t. High expectations are good, but not if they stop you from getting your stuff out there where it can promote you and your business. So what can you do to improve your writing?
Use Active rather than passive language.
Write about what your readers want to know, not what you want to say.
And what ever you do, don’t …

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Creative Writing Prompts for October

October is the month of Halloween, so it’s time to write horror. Scary or funny? There’s often a fine line between the two, and it’s worth thinking about that. Why do people laugh at horror films? What are the cliches involved? What’s scarier, a well written ghost story or a movie? Also topics themed around the number 10 and the color yellow.

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Tools I Use

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